On saturday 2018 may 5th we went with Willy de Brouwer AKA Wills for an excursion to the West Flanders. Because Wills was a superguide I made a little poem for him but the poem was in Dutch. Ik know Wills has a lot of Britisch friends so I tried to make a translation somehow. Not exactly te same but even so ment to honor “Wills”.

While Wills guides
An image in me arises
Mothers crying
Beloved ones abandoned with a promiss

While Wills guides
I see rain and a stormy night
Men crawling in the mud
Longing for warmth and light

While Wills guides
A war comes to live
He gives those men a face
And it cuts like a knife

While Wills guides
I tremble, shut a tear
Thousands of soldiers
I can almost feel their fear

While Wills guides
Tells with heart and soul
Every victim of the Great War
Always to remember and recall

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